puppies2017Exceptionally we have a litter at this moment (date of birth 18/07).
Our choice for sire & dam is always driven by health, good family character and beauty. Pups are raised in the house to assure we can give them all love and affection they deserve. We attach great importance to the best possible start of the puppies life and don’t save cost nor effort to give them all they need in these first months. Only the best is good enough for our little ‘bullekes’. This includes the best puppy food, vaccinations and lots of time for socialization.
It is very important for us to find a suitable family matching with every pup. Everyone who has lots of love, affection and a dream life to give to one of our pups is more than welcome.
Are you that person? Contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions.
We are happy to invite you having a look at the pups and parents in their living environment.





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